“The Mediterranean International Conference of Pure&Applied Mathematics and related areas” dedicated to Professor Gradimir V. Milovanovic on the Occasion of his 70th anniversary, Antalya-Turkey, October 26-29, 2018

After the referee evaluation process, accepted full text oral presentations will be published in the “Proceedings Book of the Mediterranean International Conference of Pure&Applied Mathematics and Related Areas(MICOPAM2018)-Antalya, Turkey”.
Deadline for registration, full text or abstract submission is October 20, 2018!..


The Mediterranean International Conference of Pure&Applied Mathematics and Related Areas

Dedicated to Professor Gradimir V. Milovanović on the Occasion of his 70th Anniversary

Antalya-Turkey, October 26 – 29, 2018

The Mediterranean International Conference of Pure&Applied Mathematics and Related Areas (MICOPAM 2018) will be held in Antalya, Turkey, on October 26 – 29, 2018. The event will be held over four days, with presentations delivered by researchers from the international community, including presentations from keynote speakers and state-of-the-art lectures. The aim of the conference is to bring together leading scientists of the pure and applied mathematics and related areas to present their researches, to exchange new ideas, to discuss challenging issues, to foster future collaborations and to interact with each other.

The conference is dedicated to the renowned mathematician Professor Gradimir V. Milovanović on the occasion of his 70th anniversary.

Prof. Dr. Gradimir V. Milovanović

Professor Gradimir V. Milovanović, born in Zorunovac, Serbia, 2 January 1948, is one of the the world leading scientists in the field of numerical analysis, approximation theory and special functions, a longtime professor at the University of Niš, Serbia, and a member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

This conference welcomes speakers whose talk or poster contents are mainly related to the following two subjects:

  • Pure and Computational and Applied Mathematics & Statistics
  • Mathematical Physics (related to p-adic Analysis, Umbral Algebra and Their Applications)

Special Sessions

  • Analysis (p-adic analysis, q-calculus, Real and Complex analysis)
  • Algebra (Linear and Multilinear Algebra, Clifford Algebras and their Applications)
  • Polynomials and Orthogonal systems
  • Special numbers and Special functions
  • Fractional Calculus and q-theory
  • Number theory and Combinatorics
  • Approximation Theory and Optimization
  • Extremal problems and Inequalities
  • Integral Transformations, Equations and Operational Calculus
  • Partial Differential Equations
  • Geometry and Its Applications
  • Numerical Methods and Algorithms
  • Probability and Statistics and Their Applications
  • Scientific Computation
  • Mathematical Methods in Physics and in Engineering
  • Mathematical Geosciences

Conference Venue: Sherwood Exclusive Kemer, Antalya-Turkey

The draft schedule for the MICOPAM 2018 is now available. In order to view and download the draft program, please click here!

Plenary Speakers


Honorary Presidents

Prof. Dr. Mustafa UNAL, (Rector of Akdeniz University, Turkey)

Prof. Dr. Ahmet AKSOY, (Dean of Faculty of Science Akdeniz University, Turkey)

Head of The Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Yilmaz Simsek, (Akdeniz University, Turkey)

Chairman of The Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Alkan, (Akdeniz University, Turkey)

MICOPAM 2018 Conference Secretary

Dr. Irem Kucukoglu, (Akdeniz University, Turkey)

Scientific Committee

Local Organizing Committee

  • Busra Al
  • Mustafa Alkan (Co-Chairman)
  • Ahmet Aykut Aygunes
  • Secil Bilgic
  • Secil Ceken
  • Ayse Yilmaz Ceylan
  • Rahime Dere
  • Nihat Dogan
  • Neslihan Kilar
  • Irem Kucukoglu
  • Burak Kurt
  • Ortac Ones
  • Mustafa Ozdemir
  • Gulsah Ozdemir
  • Mehmet Uc
  • Yilmaz Simsek (Chairman)
  • Buket Simsek
  • Fusun Yalcin

Paper Submission

Conference participants are encouraged to submit their work electronically.

  • All abstracts of the oral presentations are going to be published in the Abstract Booklet of MICOPAM 2018.
  • Upon request of the participant, the full-text Proceeding (at least 3 pages and at most 5 pages long) will be published after referee evaluation process. If the full-text Proceeding is accepted, then it will be appeared in “Proceedings Book of MICOPAM 2018” with ISBN number.
  • Upon request of the participant full manuscript of the presented in this conference can be submitted for the referee evaluation process to the following journals:
    1. Applicable Analysis and Discrete Mathematics [SCI-E, ISI – indexed]
    2. Journal of Inequalities and Applications [SCI-E, ISI – indexed]
    3. FILOMAT [SCI-E, ISI – indexed]
    4. Publications de l’Institut Mathématique [ESCI, ESCI – indexed]

Registration Fee

Registration Fee including 4 nights Accommodation (Table RF4) (in Euro: €)


30 June, 2018


20 October, 2018

Single Room Double Room Single Room Double Room
Student €360 €280 €380 €300
Regular €460 €380 €480 €400

Important Note: Registration Fee at the Table RF4 includes 4 nights accommodation, only one presentation or poster, conference materials and Gala Dinner. For each extra presentation or poster, 50 euros will be charged.

Registration Fee not including Accommodation (Table RF0) (in Euro: €)


20 October, 2018

At Desk
Student €100 €120
Regular €200 €220
Accompanying Person Free Free

Important Note: Registration fee at the Table RF0 includes only one presentation or poster, conference materials and Gala Dinner(only for the participants who have booked room). For each extra presentation or poster, 50 euros will be charged. For participants who make only presentation not stay at hotel, 50 euros will be charged as the entrance fee of the hotel. Registration fee at the Table RF0 does not include accommodation fee. Information about accomodation fee, please visit conference venue&accommodation page: http://micopam2018.akdeniz.edu.tr/conference-venueaccommodation/

Announcement for Turkish participants: Türk katılımcılar için Normal Kayıt ücreti 1000 TL ve Öğrenci Kayıt ücreti ise 500 TL olarak belirlenmiştir. Bu katılım ücretine, en fazla iki sunum veya poster, konferans materyalleri, özet kitapçığı ve gala yemeği dahildir. İkiden fazla yapılacak her bir sunum veya poster için 250 TL daha tahsil edilecektir. Konferans hesabı Euro hesabı olduğundan TL ödeyerek kayıt olacak katılımcıların katılım ücretlerini konferans hesabına göndermeden katılım ücretlerini konferans kayıt masasında ödemeleri gerekmektedir. Konferans sırasında otelde konaklamayıp sadece sunum için otele giriş yapanlardan otel girişinde 50 euro tahsil edilecektir. Konferansın düzenleneceği otel ile yapılan sözleşme daha önce Euro para birimi üzerinden yapıldığı için konaklama ücreti Türk Lirasına çevrilememektedir. Bu nedenle, Normal Kayıt ve Öğrenci Kayıt ücretlerine konaklama dahil değildir. Konferans sırasında otelde konaklayacak olan Türk katılımcıların konaklama ücretlerini “http://micopam2018.akdeniz.edu.tr/conference-venueaccommodation/” web sayfasındaki Accommodation Fee tablosunu baz alarak konferans hesabına göndermeleri gerekmektedir. Türk Lirası ödeyerek kayıt yaptıracak katılımcılar, konferans kayıt masasında ödeyecekleri miktara Euro cinsinden en yakın olan miktarı içeren seçeneği seçerek kayıt formunu doldurabilirler.

Accommodation Fee

Accommodation Fee (in Euro: € for Sherwood Exclusive Kemer, Ultra All-Inclusive)


30 June, 2018


20 October, 2018

Single Room


(per person, per night)


(per person, per night)

Double Roomx2

(per person, per night)


(per person, per night)


(per person, per night)

Triple Roomx3 €40

(per person, per night)


(per person, per night)

Accommodation fee is valid for staying at least 1 night during conference dates. These prices are also valid between 19 October 2018 to 04 November 2018 for conference participants and their guests.


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